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The 4th award ceremony took place

26.07.2011 / 19:55

Dear Clients and Partners!

We are glad to inform you that the 4th award ceremony following the results of the previous Contest took place! Here is the complete table of winners:

Place Account Name Country Profit Prize   Agent (ID) Country Prize
1 1403642 Hajenia Indonesia 97.01%$700   - - -
2 1441718 Hendrick Luly Indonesia 86.56%$550   - - -
3 1442218 Shaulko Roman Ukraine 84.6%$420   - - -
4 1441294 Syarifuddin Said Indonesia 84.32%$350   rln Ukraine$210
5 1442431 Karev V E Russia 80.89%$290   uvy Ukraine$165
6 1418417 Pozharov Dmitriy Viktorovich Russia 79.11%$240   - - -
7 1441939 Yury Truntsov Anatolevich Russia 73.89%$180   plh Russia$126
8 1441520 Smolnikov Vladimir Valerievich Ukraine 72.69%$130   - - -
9 1436138 Usmonov Bahtiyor Uzbekistan 71.78%$90   bgo Ukraine$105
10 1442609 Wilawan Phunthonglow Thailand 70.86%$50   - - -

Please note, participants of contest who plan to receive prize - please open real trading accounts for crediting of prize amount without delays.

Following the results of the Contest, the prize money in an amount of 294 USD, which had been intended for partners, remained unclaimed. According to our new rule, we distributed this money as consolation prizes between 20 partners in an amount of 15 USD each according to the final rating.

We’d like to remind you that the prize money transferred to winners’ real accounts can be used anyway they want, they can either use it to continue trading or to withdraw it from the account.

RoboForex would like to thank all participants! We will be glad if you choose to participate in the next Contests!


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